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These insulated plastic containers are the most popular & frequently used in the food processing (fish, shrimp & meat) sectors for storage & keeping fresh during preparation. The pallet designed at bottom can be moved by a standard hand pallet jack and forklift truck from all four sides. 1250 litre & 1700 litre is suitable for storage of large fish, i.e. Tuna.

 Alps M Series insulated plastic containers

Hình ảnh sản phẩm


Tính năng sản phẩm
  • Smooth, curved surfaces, strong proven design, heavy duty use
  • Excellent temperature consistency helps keep product cold up to five days when properly iced
  • All corner fitted with handles for easy hoisting and handling
  • Optional drain outlets.
  • An insulated lid with rubber tie-down for fastening purpose.
  • Top Quality Polyethylene & Polyurethane materials
  • Stackable with lid on or off
  • 4 way forklift entry
  • Storage: Stack up to 5 high full or 10 high empty
  • Optimal transport & warehousing sizes
  • One-piece seamless double-walled construction with foam insulation (PUR - Polyurethane)
Kích thước sản phẩm
Thể tíchKích thước bên ngoài (mm)Kích thước bên trong(mm)
600 litre L1235 x W1050 x H790 L1150 x W960 x H560
800 litre L1180 x W1180 x H990 L1080 x W1080 x H745
1000 litre L1480 x W1145 x H1015 L1390 x W1055 x H775
1000 litre (LH) L1225 x W1090 x H1205 L1115 x W980 x H960
1250 litre L1990 x W1170 x H970 L1870 x W1050 x H665
1700 litre L2250 x W1160 x H1160 L2110 x W1020 x H850